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Content:Date:2021-09-07 17:33
how long does it take to UK ?
Reply:Date:2021-09-07 17:50
as usually takes 5-8 days . you could track it on
Content:Date:2020-02-15 14:48
Hi-is there any custom procedure for electric scooters when you ship to Europe? Do you ship and deliver to Turkey?How long takes delivery to Europe?....thanks
Reply:Date:2020-02-15 16:16

we can ship ESCOOTER to Europe, WE CAN SEND TO TURKEY. There are no customs issue if we send to EUROS.


5-12 days to EUROPE.

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Content:Date:2019-08-03 15:59
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Content:Date:2019-07-31 23:01
Reply:Date:2019-08-01 10:25
if you have any questions, pls send us mail
Content:Date:2019-07-30 22:24
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