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Tower Beach Bum Electric Beach Cruiser Bike 500W Motor 48V 14Ah Battery
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Tower Beach Bum Electric Beach Cruiser Bike 500W Motor 48V 14Ah Battery

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List Price: $1449.00
Price: $699.00 Save:$750.00
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  • Powerful Hill Climbing: 65NM high-torque 48v/500w motor
  • Finest Components: Shimano, Tektro, Velo, etc.
  • Lightweight: Only 49 lbs, with rust resistant aluminum frame
  • 30-60 Mile Range: Finest 48v 14Ah Samsung battery
  • Highly Flat Resistant: Schwalbe Fat Franks + Kevlar + liners
  • Designed with a SoCal beach vibe this highly considered, stylish eBike beach cruiser is like having 2 amazing bikes in one.

    Beach Bum

    Electric Bike Perfection

    At Tower, we've done the homework for you. We've examined all of the true pros and cons of eBike product features. We analyzed the eBike market extensively to separate the marketing fluff from the really important concerns. Then we took a SoCal design mindset to design what we consider is the perfect eBike balancing performance, power, convenience, durability, and style.

    Can you find a cheaper eBike? Of course, there's a lot of crappy eBikes out there and there's a wide spectrum of components, power, and quality out there, but it will be an inferior product and you'll likely regret your purchase later. Tower is all about giving consumers direct to consumer value on a premium quality electric bike. If you want that, you've come to the right place.


    High Performance, High Capacity Samsung Battery

    Battery quality and capacity is the most important component of an electric bike. It's also the most expensive element. A lot of cheaper eBikes try to cut costs on the battery part (with small capacity batteries, or generic cells), but that's very short sighted thinking, as you'll sacrifice both motor power and range from the get go, and long term you're battery performance will quickly diminish. At Tower, we use only the highest quality Samsung 48V / 14Ah lithium ion batteries. The Tower Electric Beach Cruiser will easily carry you 30-60 miles per charge. This isn't an exaggeration like you'll find in marketing fluff elsewhere. That's 30 miles with throttle only for an adult male.

    Hill Climbing Power

    The power of your motor is the next most important component of an eBike. Don't believe the hype that power is all about watts (i.e. a 750w motor is not necessarily more powerful than 500w, or even a 350w motor) or volts (although, all else equal, a 48v system is more powerful than a 36v system... but things aren't always "all else equal"). A lot more goes into it the power equation. The biggest factor, which is rarely discussed, is torque (NM, or Newton meters). Is it hub drive, mid-drive, or front drive motor? Is the motor geared for speed or torque. What most people really want in power is hill climbing ability, and you need to compare bikes side by side on that to get to the truth of that power question.

    At Tower, we use a specifically designed high-torque 500w/48v brushless geared rear hub motor. We sacrifice a little high-end speed for exceptional hill climbing high torque. The torque measurement of our motor is an outstanding 65NM (Newton meter). Our eBike will still go 20 mph, which is plenty fast, trust us, but you'll really appreciate the ability to climb any hill you face. In fact, 20 mph is actually a little too fast and we factory set our speed limiter to 18 mph because that's all most people will want to use. You can unlock the full speed if you like, but most won't need or want that.

    Only the Finest Premium Components

    Velo Saddle

    Velo Premium Saddle and Grips

    For that luxurious tactile feel.


    Schwalbe Fat Frank Balloon Tires

    For a comfortable and quiet ride.


    7-speed Shimano Gear and Derailleur System

    For the ultimate hill climbing experience.

    Disc Brakes

    Tektro Mechanical Disc Brakes

    For reliable, consistent stopping power.


    Lightweight Aluminum Frame

    Our frame is high-grade, lightweight aluminum, so even when you're not using pedal assist you can ride this bike just fine. This is another problem that's swept under the carpet with cheap eBikes, which tend to be heavy. There are eBikes out there approaching 70 lbs, even folding bikes (which is a hernia waiting to happen). A 70 lb bike is not something you want to pedal back home after your cheap eBike battery dies, and certainly you'll never want to just use it as a bike for exercise.

    Our Tower bike is designed to really be two bikes in one. Even with the motor on it, it's still only 49 lbs and you can pedal it just like a regular, non-electric beach cruiser. Remove the battery and even with a motor still on the back hub, at only 41 lbs, this eBike is pretty close to the standard beach cruiser weight.

    Also remember that aluminum frame is highly rust resistant!

    LCD Display

    LCD Display and Control Settings

    The LCD controller main screen shows you your current battery charge level, your current pedal assist level, and you're speedometer. There is a whole host of features and settings within the LCD display functionality, which you can read about more in the instruction manual, but it includes an odometer, the ability to switch between mph and kph, and the ability to set a speed limiter. For letting others ride the bike but only at a lower top speed, the speed limiter can be set and password protected so no one but you can change it.


    Discover A New World

    The beauty you'll discover of having an electric bike is that they make the previously inaccessible, accessible. You can venture not just a few miles from your origination, but 10-20 miles so you can really explore all areas of your surrounding area. Because you can now climb pretty much any hill with pedal assist, you'll find yourself venturing into areas you would have never considered going on a bike before. And because you always have a free ride home, you'll find yourself more open to grabbing the bike and heading out for some exercise. You quickly find that eBikes are not just like regular bikes, they're a whole new level of freedom that didn't exist before.


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